Tech entrepreneur making waves with a Personal Care Assistant locator app serving individuals with a disability and the elderly.

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I had the opportunity to interview one of Ibar’s long-term clients to learn more about a very exciting start-up company he is spearheading. Melvin Velasquez is a recent graduate of Fresno State University and has his sights set on his MBA. This past October, Melvin was selected to represent his university at the Global Conference & Pitch Competition, hosted by The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO). During the Global Conference, CEO orchestrates the largest student pitch competition in the world. It was here where Melvin showcased his budding start-up, Get Served Transportation.

Melvin is the CEO of Get Served Transportation: a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) locator mobile app for individuals with a disability and the elderly.

How did you come up with the idea of a transportation app?

This idea has been in the making since my high school days. I wanted to socialize more independently but was unable to do so due to the lack of help with transportation. I also wanted company when attending special events but was unable to find someone to either meet or accompany me.

What is your vision for your start-up?

I believe the development of this mobile application will have national and international implications. There are many individuals in my condition that would benefit from the completion of this “Personal Care Assistant (PCA)” locator application.

What stage are you at now in the development of the app?

My team has completed the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) wireframe portion (front end) of the mobile app. We’ve completed the required documentation for development (back end development). Core software Integrated (CSI), the sponsor of my mobile app, has a complete software team in Kathmandu, Nepal awaiting further instructions.

What challenges have you faced in the process of creating your start-up?

I’ve been blessed with a team of members who have freely dedicated themselves towards the completion of the GST mobile app. My greatest challenge so far has been in obtaining funds, investment or otherwise, for completion of a prototype. Investors are quite interested in a prototype prior to investing.

Do you have anyone else working on your start-up with you?

I am surrounded by several individuals who are presently helping me develop my mobile app.

Please check out the YouTube video for Get Served Transportation:

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