SNT Advisory Services

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At Ibar, our special needs trust advisors have the experience in this specific area of advisory oversight to assist you with comprehensive special needs trust administration. Our advisors understand special needs trust management inside and out. Several of our advisors are bilingual in Spanish and will work directly with our Spanish-speaking families to ensure complete understanding of the trust. As a family-owned-and -operated company, we understand the importance of providing for your family member with a disability.

We work closely with attorneys throughout the state of California who specialize in special needs trusts and can provide their legal expertise. Call us today to learn how we can assist you and your special needs family member in making sure a special needs trust is the right solution.

When you need assistance with a special needs trust, it’s important to choose an advisory firm with expertise in structured settlements, public benefits, and working directly with beneficiaries and their families. When incorporated as part of a personal injury settlement, this specialized area of special needs trusts created as part of a personal injury settlement requires the expertise of a special needs trust planner who understands the unique aspects of California law. Advisement on the planning for the care and financial well-being of minors and adults with disabilities is what we do. The lawyers we work with apply their knowledge and expertise to find the right solutions for setting up the most sound SNT for an individual with special needs. For questions regarding establishing a trust or choosing an SNT trustee, call us to speak with a special needs trust advisor.