Professional And Caring Support

Our goal is to provide a thoughtful and responsive relationship between the Beneficiary and their family, the corporate trustee (bank), and the Trust Advisor, which is crucial to the successful administration of the Trust and meeting the needs of the Beneficiary.

Ibar Special Needs Trust Advisors partners with various corporate trustees who provide both the investment and tax expertise to insure the monetary needs of the Beneficiary are met. The corporate trustees are bonded with the State of California ensuring the safety and security of the trust funds.

Ibar Special Needs Trust Advisors act as the “hands on” intermediary between the family of the Beneficiary and the corporate trustee to ensure that the specific needs of the Beneficiary are addressed.

To this end Ibar Special Needs Trust Advisors often enlist the expertise of various care providers, therapists, case care managers, specialty construction contractors, mobility van specialists and others depending on the Beneficiary’s needs.

How it Works

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