Special Needs Trust Planner Serving California

Can a special needs trust fund be incorporated as part of your estate plan? If you are responsible for the care of a child or another person with special needs relying on you for their care, special needs estate planning is something you need as part of your estate plan. Creating a special needs trust for children, grandchildren, or other persons with disabilities under your guardianship makes a difference in how real estate, finances, public benefits eligibility, and other tangible items are handled when you’re no longer able to care for the individual. To do this successfully, you need a special needs trust specialist to help you manage special needs trust benefits.
Parents and grandparents of family members with disabilities are understandably concerned about how their special needs family member will be taken care of when they’re no longer able to do so. Special needs estate solutions created by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and special needs trusts and can help navigate the legal challenges is crucial to the successful oversights of the SNT. Our team of expert advisors can help manage the long-term well-being of the estate plan. Contact Ibar today to discuss special needs estate planning and the importance of estate planning for children and adults with special needs.