“I have been working with Ibar since 2004. I am grateful that Ibar has been able to take a lot of stress off my shoulders. They are my right arm in managing my son’s financial needs. One of the most important ways Ibar assists me is in coordinating the hiring of outside caregivers. Ibar is always advising me on what and how to purchase items for my son. I have enough to do in caring for my son and making his life as enriched and comfortable as possible. I feel comfortable that if I was not able to care for my son, Ibar would make sure that his needs are met.”
– Elaine
“Ibar has been supporting my grandmother and me since 1997. My experience with them has been nothing short of amazing. They work efficiently and effectively to handle all of my needs.”
– Jeremiah
“I am grateful to Ibar for the help they’ve provided in looking after our son’s needs for the past 22 years. It’s been a privilege to have Ibar by our side, providing stability and dignity to my son and our family.”
– Rita
“Ibar has been instrumental in helping to keep my severely disabled son at home with good quality of care. I am able to renovate and modify our home for his needs as well as give him the best therapists and services I can find. Also, everyone at Ibar has been wonderfully compassionate and supportive regarding the difficulties and issues we face caring for a disabled family member.  It has been a blessing and a comfort to be able to have my boy close to me amidst everything we have to contend with.”
– Patty
“I have been working with Ibar for the last 19 years. They have provided me and my family with any and all needed assistance, even some I didn’t know was needed or how to obtain it. Ibar goes above and beyond to ensure proper care is provided to my son while assisting me with things that would otherwise take time away from my son. They go out of their to ensure they are available for assistance and when they aren’t, respond promptly by phone or email.”
– Eric
“I have been with Ibar for 27 years. They oversee my trust and work with the banks which invest the funds and manage payments to make sure there are no problems with the court or Medi-Cal. The people at Ibar are very helpful and knowledgeable. My trust advisor has always been available to help me or talk with me and explain things that I do not understand.”
– Michael